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What a beautiful facility! Heartland Eq Stables is every horse’s and horse owner’s dream facility! Tony and Merry have been a joy to work with.  They really care about the horses, and they are very accommodating to the boarders. "

JEFF H, Knob Knoster MO

Heartland Eq Stables is a beautiful farm from the scenery to the animals to the people! They are welcoming, family-friendly, and encouraging to anyone who is seeking to get back in the saddle or get in the saddle for the first time, no matter the age or experience. Truly a wonderful place to ride and board my horse! 

JULIE S, Sedalia MO

Jodie Fudge, MO

“Doc looked so good! Thank you for doctoring his sore and giving him his daily meds. I am very thankful for Merry and Hayley.  Your love for the horses shows through every day!"

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